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NEW Online Course

“The Language of the Georgian Cinema” for the intermediate learners of Georgian! 🎥🎞️📺
The course covers 15 weeks.
The student will watch Georgian movies, then do online quizes and contact (1 hour for each movie, online) the tutor Tea Kamushadze (who, at the same time is the author of the book “Practical Exercises for The Learners of Georgian Language” (2016, TSU Press By Tea Kamushadze and Tsiko Inauri).

Every chapter contains online quizzes and a short info about the particular film.

The price for each (individual) lesson is 45 GeL (300 Gel per month).

The time and date is depended on the particular student’s and teacher’s agreement.

New Beginner Georgian course is already here!

2-4 students in a group!

24 hours: 2 h. sessions with 5 min. break.

Morning Session: 10 AM – 12 PM (Tbilisi time)
Evening Session: 6 PM – 9 PM (Tbilisi time)
Lessons will take place #ONLINE;

Course price is 160 $.

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Survival Georgian (3 Weeks)

This crash course is designed to build basic communication skills for everyday situations.  Learn how to order food, give directions, shop and bargain, speak to your landlord, and make new friends. The course focuses on communication not grammar. No previous knowledge required!

Student enrolment: 3-9

Hours of Tuition: 12

Cost: 300 GEL

Georgian for Kids

Sign your children up for 6 weeks  Georgian as Foreign language for Kids:
– Child-centered, highly interactive teaching methods
– Age-appropriate instruction
– Friendly environment

Private Tutoring
Group Programs
After-School Programs

Student enrolment: 3-9

Hours of Tuition: 24

Cost: 600 GEL

Individual Classes


We offer Georgian language instruction in group and individual course settings. Our professional teachers are pleased to provide personalized courses that are individually tailored to meet your learning needs.

1 Student – 45 GEL per hour

2 Students – 40 GEL per hour

3 Students – 35 GEL per hour

4 Students – 30 GEL per hour


Linguistic consulting services  in Svan and Megrelian available!

Native Speakers only with strong linguistic background!

contact us at:

სვანეთი-ის სურათის შედეგი